Vegan Machine

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The Vegan Machine includes 10 meals, split into two deliveries each week.

For deliveries local to Brighton: Half of your weekly delivery will arrive on a Monday between 2-6pm and half will arrive on a Thursday between 2-6pm.

For nationwide deliveries: Half of your weekly delivery will arrive on a Tuesday before midday and half will arrive on a Friday before midday.

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Aubergine, Chickpea & Green Bean Curry with Rice × 2

kcal: 287-P 9.7-C 58.0-F 2.8

Veggie Chilli with Rice × 2

kcal: 277-P: 11.2-C: 57.7-F: 1.2

Aubergine and Chickpea Red Thai Curry with Rice × 2

NEW DISH ON THE BLOCK! This 2020 we're going all out on the Asian front with this new dish on our menu. A guilt free red Thai curry full of flavour without all the extra fat and calories of a ready meal or take away. Soft aubergine, protein rich chickpeas and crispy green beans, slow cooked in a spicy Thai sauce with light coconut milk for that creamy and oh so satisfying flavour. Served on a bed of perfectly steamed long grain rice.

Ingredients: Aubergine, chickpea, green beans, rice, red Thai curry paste, coconut milk

Kcal: 373 P:11 C:60 F:9


Three Bean Wrap × 2

kcal: 444-P: 20.4-C: 68.0-F: 5.6

Veggie Chow Mein × 2

NEW DISH ON THE BLOCK! The classic Chinese Chow Mein with a Nude Food Prep twist that even your personal trainer would to want to eat! Soft Chinese egg noodles tossed in a concoction of five spice, sesame seeds and soy sauce for warm yummy flavour that will make you want to get your chopsticks out!

Ingredients: Noodles, carrots, beanshoots, cabbage, peppers, mushrooms, aubergines, five spice, sesame seeds, soy sauce

Kcal: 215 P: 11 C: 28 F: 6.5