Oh My Cod

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The Oh My Cod includes 10 meals, split into two deliveries each week.

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Cajun Fish, Sweet Potato & Kale × 2

100g of fresh white fish fillet pimped up with cajun spices for a Southern touch. Served with perfectly roasted sweet potato to bring out the taste and sweetness of this low GI superfood and fresh, leafy dark green kale perfectly steamed to keep all goodness locked in. This dish is one of those that can be eaten sat down or on the go!

Ingredients: Fish fillet, sweet potato, kale, cajun spices

kcal: 171
P: 19.9
C: 21.0
F: 1.0


Italian Fish with Pasta & Vine Tomatoes × 2

We've given the classic Italian pasta marinara a deconstructed twist with our Italian Fish Pasta & Vine Tomato dish. Perfectly baked, fresh white fish coated in Italian herbs served with good quality, perfectly al dente pasta and juicy locally sourced vine tomatoes. A light yet filling meal for any lunch or dinner.

Ingredients: Fish fillet, pasta, vine tomatoes, Italian herbs

kcal: 246
P: 23.6
C: 33.0
F: 2.0

Fajita Fish with Peppers & Rice × 2

Don't tell the Mexicans that we've taken their classic dish down to the seaside by swapping traditional chicken with fish. We’ve sprinkled the fish fillet with warm spices and baked it to perfection with sweet red and yellow bell peppers for that added fibre and taste. Served on a bed of perfectly steamed rice. This is one of the best post workout meals for pescetarians due to it's high carb and protein content.

Ingredients: Fish fillet, rice, peppers, fajita spices

kcal: 260
P: 23.0
C: 40.0
F: 1.5


White Fish & Green Bean Curry with Rice × 2

Nothing says good food like a Grandmother's recipe! And our White Fish & Green Bean Curry comes straight out of our Nan’s kitchen this side of India. Flaked fish fillet, crispy green beans and warm spices slow cooked as curry should be, for that perfect, wholesome, rich flavour. You won’t find a more authentic and super healthy curry that tickles your taste buds as this curry does. Served on a bed of perfectly steamed basmati rice.

Ingredients: Fish fillet, rice, chopped tomatoes, green beans, curry powder, pink Himalayan salt

kcal: 284
P: 24.0
C: 44.0
F: 1.5


White Fish Red Thai Curry with Rice × 2

NEW DISH ON THE BLOCK! This 2020 we're going all out on the Asian front with this new dish on our menu. A guilt free, red Thai curry full of flavour without all the extra fat and calories of a ready meal or take away. Fresh, white flaky fish and crispy green beans, slow cooked in a spicy Thai sauce with light coconut milk for that creamy and oh so satisfying flavour. Served on a bed of perfectly steamed long grain rice.

Ingredients: White Fish, green beans, rice, red Thai curry paste, coconut milk

Kcal: 368 P: 22.3 C: 49.1 F: 8.8