Burger, Sweet Potato & Kale


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NUDE burgers are where we’re at and this guilt free homemade patty is not to be missed. Made with locally sourced beef this burger is cooked a burger should be! To give it a healthier twist we’ve ditched the bun and added a side of low GI, oven roasted sweet potatoes to bring out all the flavour of this super ingredient. Served together with freshly steamed kale- a natural superfood. What are Low GI foods? Low GI foods helps the body to maintain good blood glucose levels and sustained energy levels.

Ingredients: Mince, sweet potato, kale, garlic, italian herbs, paprika, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, pepper, Himalayan pink salt

kcal: 212
P: 22.0
C: 21.0
F: 4.6