Nude Food Prep is Brighton’s first food prep company with a range of 30 meals developed by Brighton born siblings Gemma & Max.



We are proud that Nude Food is evolving into such an energetic family run business. We deliver simple, clean meals with locally-sourced, whole ingredients with a goal to keeping you on track in a world of over-processed, artificial food products.

When you order with us you are not just buying your lunch – you are buying back your time. Why spend hours shopping, cooking & cleaning when we can do all that for you –for just £5.50 a meal.

For those of you with an interest in macros – we always weigh out every ingredient to the nearest gram. No secret sauces, extra dressings or unaccountable calories. We are meal prep at its most exact.

Ordering from a small, locally run set-up guarantees you the most personal service possible. It is always going to be one of us that picks up your emails or DM’s – and we’re always happy to talk carbs! Our meals are the answer if you are looking to lose weight, bulk up or simply live a healthier lifestyle. The fact that they are convenient, affordable and actually enjoyable just seals the deal.

Eat Clean, Stay Lean

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